Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes - I missed a day.....

Yes, I missed a day! Not intentionally but by the time I got home last night the only thing I could do without any effort was fall into bed......

If you haven't been in the store lately then you haven't seen P.B. (Paddington Bear). It's a kit that comes in an adorable lunch box with his initials on the back. All the fabrics are included to make an adorable crib/toddler quilt. The panel top has numbers on it so it is a learning quilt (always my favourite kind for kids). Here's a picture of the pattern. We haven't had the chance to get one made up yet but I know I will be making at least one as there's a special little boy in my life who will soon be learning his numbers and alphabet! On another note, our back orders for all the notions and stuff we ran out of during our sale and the holidays is starting to arrive.....The Olfa Rotating Mats are in and if you saw the Demos with Elaine at the Open House, you know you can't live without one......we have both sizes!

I have to say that I purchased the smaller size for myself before I opened the store and was using it constantly. When I found out there was a larger size I had to have one. They come in handy for alot of quilter tasks including squaring up your blocks. The larger size will definitely come in handy for your larger blocks. At the moment, since my dining room table has become my sewing area, it sits on the table all the time when I'm working and I use it for a multiple of tasks, including cutting the strips for Country Haven.
Last night Barb and I went to visit Rochelle who's father passed away last Friday. He celebrated his 100th Birthday in 2008 and he was her "best friend". After stuffing us with cookies and coffee and tea which is the tradition she gave us the tour of the house and I have to say her sewing room is to die for! Wanted to take a picture but the timing was inappropriate. Will have to ask her to provide one. I love to see how other's organize their sewing spaces. If you have some pics of your sewing spaces e-mail them to and we will post them on the blog with tips and info for everyone.
Barb said she is going to come over here (my house) and rip apart my quilting studio! I'll be happy to provide "before and after pics" once I let her in the house. She's actually scaring me with her threats! It will be nice to have that space back to sew in though.....
Happy quilting!

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