Friday, January 16, 2009

Just another busy day......

So, I worked at home for awhile this morning, nice and relaxing. Computer work with a side of coffee and then made the list of all the things I HAD to get done dressed, packed my usual bags and off to the car and OF COURSE, dead, dead as a door nail! Kinda put a dent in my day......called Barb and hired myself a chauffeur!

Off we went to my office, to the store, to the bank, back to my office! All of a sudden it's 6:00 P.M. - then Rich took me to Costco to get all the fixin's for dinner tomorrow, lunch on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.....and it's near 9:00 P.M.. Back to the store to drop everything off and home to deal with the DEAD CAR in the driveway......Tow truck showed up about 10:20 P.M., boosted the car and we took a drive downtown to pick up Connor (Rich's son) so hopefully I will have "ignition" in the morning if we ran it long enough. Caught the blackout area on our way downtown and back.......very scary in this cold, to be without heat and hydro. Hope they get that sorted soon!

Let's see - managed to take a couple of pictures to let you all see what's going on in the store. First, the new Quick Quilts is in and it is full of great projects....I only picked four that I want to do (or have done!). Nancy has already cut the fabric for one of them and I think Barb cut fabric for a second one. Since I am hell bent on Country Haven right now.....I'll hold off until that is done or until I start the hand to have machine piecing going at all times......
Back in December I told you about the FREE pattern at for the Noriko Bag.....Well here it is all done and it is absolutely adorable......Barb made it up for the store. Looks great in the oriental fabrics we chose. It's small but it will make a lovely evening bag or done in some bright colours it would make an adorable bag for a little girl. You can probably make one up from scraps you have at home....or treat yourself to a couple of "new" fat quarters.

We're patiently waiting for our order to come in with loads of stuff that we've run out of and a few new things so I will certainly keep you posted.

Looking forward to tomorrow and a smoother start to the day.....

Happy Quilting!


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