Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have a sign......

If you've been to the store you know that there is a sign in the classroom which reads....."WE DON'T MAKE MISTAKES, WE DO VARIATIONS!"
When I orignally designed the Flannel Quilt I had intended for the blocks to be 12" blocks. Kathy offered to do the quilt and in my haste to give here the instructions I told her the centre block was 8" finished and the first surround was 2" finished and the second surround was 2" finished.........duh! 16" blocks, so the quilt came out a wee bit bigger then expected but it is stunning!So 5 blocks across = 90" and 6 blocks down = 106" and Voila we have a queen size quilt! If you knock it down to 4 blocks x 5 blocks you have a large lap.....(Kathy says it's currently an elephant lap!) Anyway, if you happen to be in the store ask to see it - it really is a stunner and won't be going out to be quilted for a week or so......(I sold fabric for two of them today so I know it's a keeper) The pattern should be ready shortly.
Today we had a "Private Party" day. Christina gave her mom Gail, a Christmas Gift of a day at Cock-A-Doodle Quilts with her and her friends, Cathy and Donna! This of course came with lunch for which I had a special request for my Meatball Sandwiches. (The ladies have taken classes here before....)
There's Donna digging into that sandwich........behind her on the design wall is the quilt top Christina was working on today. It's a Stack'n'Whack Halloween should be ready for next year! (I meant to get a closer picture - it's got some really neat fabrics in it and they look awesome as a Stack'n'Whack.)
Dessert which was served much later in the day consisted of my infamous Mudslides! Triple Chocolate Brownies topped with Chocolate Flake Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream and a Cherry of course!
The girls had the right idea! They brought mostly completed tops which needed borders and backings and because of the size of our cutting table were able to complete quite a few. This is Donna holding up one of two quilt tops she put borders on today.....they are for twins, one in a pink colourway, the other is the same fabrics in the blue colourway. (The fabrics for both quilts came from our Orphanage - I am so proud they found a home!) She also managed to complete a backing for yet another quilt and purchase the backing for those "twin" quilts from the Orphanage. I am particularly fond of this quilt top as it was one of our Mystery Quilt classes and I just love it when you all finish quilts from our classes, I know that you feel you have accomplished something when you finish a quilt but so do I. Gail managed to finally finish her Mystery Quilt from January 26, 2007 which she took at Cock-A-Doodle......Cathy also pieced the backing for hers today (oops! forgot to get a pic of that one!)

Cathy got this gorgeous quilt top completed. I believe the fabrics are from Northcott's Quest For The Cure Tulips line in yellow and purple. It really is a stunner but then they all were.
They were all so pleased with what they accomplished that they booked another day at Cock-A-Doodle in March...can't wait to see what they bring in next time.
I started to work on the Strip Its! fabric last night but I really wanted to try something else before I go public with it! It's really got potential so if I have some time tomorrow (today was a total write-off for quilting! I was cooking!) I will show you my ideas! In the meantime.....
Happy Quilting!

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