Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh my, Oh my.....

I walked into the store this evening and on the desk was a large brown envelope addressed to Cock-A-Doodle Quilts. Sometimes that's not such a good thing but....this time it was from Renske! and just look what I found inside.....her class samples. There is no way you can appreciate these without seeing them in person so you will all have to come in......

This is her Crazy Quilting block.....all I can say is just bring everything you have that day...beads, buttons, lace, fabrics, ribbons......everything! She will show you how to use them!
Her Landscape sample is really something to marvel at....I'm actually at a loss for words! You have to see it!
Of course there is always more happening here - under the package from Renske was a box of magazines. The February/March 09 Issue of Quilters Newsletter is in and is chock full of fabulous quilts, patterns and inspiration, as well as a survey in which you can win prizes. Don't forget we sell all of our magazines at U.S. list price (just like our books!).

Last but not at all least - Sandy Lindal dropped off her "revamped" patterns for Primitive Log Cabin. If you haven't signed up for the class yet there's still time but honestly it is filling up (I've got my name down already). I can't wait to get out all my strips and start going at it! Check the website for class dates .
On a personal note I am back on track (at least for the past 24 hours)....I managed to get in 3 hours of quilting and related stuff done last night. I hand quilted for an hour, did two Country Haven blocks (only 20 to go - and I have to cut more strips - tonight I hope!) and I did some Sashiko! I also organized myself for two more projects even though I am aiming for finishing one of the above first! I have always had more than one project on the go but I'm trying to keep it down to a minimum these days. I still have 2 quilts half quilted, 2 ready to be quilted and one ready for a backing.....It's that "TIME" thing again! I'll keep you posted and we'll see how quickly I can actually FINISH something!
Happy Quilting!

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I am quite impressed by how much you seem to get done!!! Can't wait for super bolt Sunday!!!!